What It Is

Geodesy is the science of measuring the Earth. In geometry, a "geodesic" is the arc of a great circle representing the shortest distance between points on the surface of a sphere – more generally, the shortest distance between points on any curved surface. The famous innovator R. Buckminster Fuller popularized the "geodesic dome" – a highly efficient, strong, free-standing, self-supporting and pleasingly symmetrical structure based on the geometry of geodesics, economizing on materials and offering many architecural and environmental benefits. Fuller was fond of inventing novel terminology. We draw on that tradition in creating the term "sociodesic" to embody the idea of social and political measurement – in other words, factuality – and the hope that innovative. efficient, strong, pleasing and logical solutions to sociopolitical problems may be designed by finding the shortest, most direct path in the sociopolitical sphere from present reality to future necessity. This website is dedicated to the publication of essays and commentary in pursuit of that goal.

Paul Chadwick created the Sociodesic website.

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